One Hand Off is a suite of tools designed to simplify online marketing, reputation management, and customer loyalty for the small, independent restaurant.

Simpler. Automated. Expert Advice.

That’s how One Hand Off helps the independent restaurant take one hand off their marketing.

By Invitation Only

One Hand Off can be a game-changer for our clients. But it takes a commitment.

We are not a good fit for owners or general managers that are looking for a magic bullet. They do not exist. Successful marketing takes as much commitment as running the kitchen or bar or dining room.

Today, we seek out businesses with certifications, consistent reviews, or obvious passion that demonstrate their commitment.

Tomorrow, we hope to sharpen our tools enough to expand to even more businesses.


We built One Hand Off to help the small, independent restaurant survive in this online world.

  • You probably knew one or more small businesses that offered a great product, but couldn’t get enough customers in the door. Or they frustrated their customers with their inconsistent service. So did we.
  • Living in the suburbs we could see how family-run businesses were becoming extinct, replaced by more and more global, national, or regional chains. We figured that there must be a way to help small, independent businesses improve their marketing and operations, but at a realistic price.
  • So we built a team with business and technology expertise from across many industries and disciplines: restaurants, financial services, retail, marketing, large technology systems, mobile and web development.
  • One Hand Off is currently by invitation only.