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  • New GOOGLE reviews Sat May 06 2023

    Healing Paws Center

    Google+ logo Overall rating: 4.8 of 5 stars [132 reviews]
    (100%) Sat May 06 2023 ❖ Jennifer Deangelis

    I am beyond happy and impressed with Dr. Jess and her staff at Healing Paws! They are amazing, empathetic, professional and caring. My poor Alphie tore his ACL and he’s been doing so much better with help from Laser therapy, laser acupuncture and therapy exercises along with vitamins that Dr. Jess recommended. I am so grateful to her for being able to get me in to see her as soon as she did and checks in with us regularly! Thank you!! This picture is Alphie’s first visit! 🥰

  • New GOOGLE reviews Thu May 04 2023

    Healing Paws Center

    Google+ logo Overall rating: 4.8 of 5 stars [131 reviews]
    (100%) Wed May 03 2023 ❖ Carlos Alea

    Knowledgeable, Professional and Caring. We drive from Miami to Oakland Park once a week so our beloved dog gets proper and high quality treatment for her ailment. Highly recommend this location.

  • New GOOGLE reviews Fri Apr 21 2023

    Healing Paws Center

    Google+ logo Overall rating: 4.8 of 5 stars [130 reviews]
    (100%) Fri Apr 21 2023 ❖ Monica Dellavecchia

    My cat Chia was diagnosed with a neurological condition that affects her hind end called Cerebellar hypoplasia. My vet said acupuncture and different therapies may help her condition so I immediately contacted healing paws. Chia has had 3 separate acupuncture and laser therapies with Dr.Jessie and she has shown much improvement! She can now walk without her hind end falling in, and she no longer has to lay down while eating. It makes me so happy to see her being able to be a normal cat again and not having to lay down while she’s walking due to being weak. The staff has also been friendly and everyone has treated Chia with so much love. Highly recommend healing paws!

  • New GOOGLE reviews Thu Apr 20 2023

    Healing Paws Center

    Google+ logo Overall rating: 4.8 of 5 stars [129 reviews]
    (100%) Wed Apr 19 2023 ❖ Maria Martinez

    HEALING PAWS CENTER is not only a place where you take your dog to heal and get pampered, it also a place where you find peace of mind and reassurance that your kiddo is in best hands. To Dr. Jessie Dreyfus and her most amazing team every single creature that is brought in is special. Our 15 year young Little Guy is now stable and enjoying his silver years comfortably thanks to Dr. Jessie’s personalized holistic treatment plan for his advanced heart condition and kidney disease.
    We are living difficult times now but do not go thinking that because of it your kiddo will not be able to have access to the best treatment quality. Dr. Jessie understands that we are all in this together. THEIR TREATMENT COSTS ARE ACCESSIBLE and they will work with you around your economic situation. So grateful for our Little Guy’s transformation. Thank you Magic Dr. Jessie!!!

  • New GOOGLE reviews Sat Apr 15 2023

    Healing Paws Center

    Google+ logo Overall rating: 4.8 of 5 stars [128 reviews]
    (100%) Fri Apr 14 2023 ❖ Randi Farina

    I can’t say enough wonderful things about the team at Healing Paws. Today was my third visit. My dog Oliver is seeing Dr. Danielle for Accupuncture & Ozone therapy to help him through his chemo treatments. From the first time we arrived, everyone made me feel so comfortable. Dr. Danielle was sitting in a mat on the floor which I thought was brilliant. Oliver immediately went up to sniff her and I could tell he was way more relaxed than at Vet where it’s all cold metal and sterile. She was on his level and could touch him, examine him and literally bond with him right away. She put together a plan, suggested natural supplements & herbs and even advised on his diet. Oliver got lots of treats and belly rubs and seems to really enjoy his visits. We also met Dawn on the first day, who was the one who called and fit us in for his first appointment and made sure to ask what treats Oliver would like; Turkey or peanut butter. And they had lots turkey there for him for all visits. I wish I knew the names of the other ladies who assisted Oliver but honestly everyone is wonderful & compassionate. Dr. Danielle and her team are angels who thankfully came into our lives to help all of us get through a difficult time. I am so grateful.