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  • New GOOGLE reviews Sun Jan 16 2022

    Healing Paws Center

    Google+ logo Overall rating: 4.8 of 5 stars [95 reviews]
    (100%) Sat Jan 15 2022 ❖ Yelizaveta Kuchumova

    I couldn’t be more grateful to Dr Jessie for everything she does. We have been to dozens of vets in the past for our three special needs cats, and Dr. Jessie is definitely one of the most compassionate, understanding and knowledgeable vet that you could bring your fur baby to. She will actually care for your pet as of her own and create the optimal treatment plan for any condition, disease or behavioral issue.

  • New YELP reviews Wed Dec 29 2021

    Healing Paws Center

    Yelp logo Overall rating: 4.5 of 5 stars [27 reviews]
    (100%) Wed Dec 29 2021 ❖ Jeff G.

    Our dog had her first hydro therapy session and staff was amazing, patient and gentle. Highly recommend for rehab.

  • New GOOGLE reviews Fri Dec 17 2021

    Healing Paws Center

    Google+ logo Overall rating: 4.8 of 5 stars [93 reviews]
    (100%) Thu Dec 16 2021 ❖ Johana Galvis

    This place is as close to perfection as you will get. I’m not going to lie, when I heard about them and the holistic process of things, I was skeptical. But that all changed, on my very first encounter with Doctor Jessica (the MVP there by the way). She not only took the time to hear every single concern of mine with my 17 year old pup but gave me a profound treatment plan. We immediately went into action on her, and started the acupuncture + ozone + laser therapy. We added her on the assis loop as well – and boy let me tell you my baby has not only gotten a lot more mobile but more energetic too. I as I’m sure any animal owner would do anything for our babies. I promise you, this place will not disappoint.

  • New GOOGLE reviews Fri Dec 10 2021

    Healing Paws Center

    Google+ logo Overall rating: 4.8 of 5 stars [92 reviews]
    (100%) Thu Dec 09 2021 ❖ Inna Emerson

    I took my dog here while she was fighting her battle with lymphoma. The doctor and staff here were amazing. Hershey was already pretty progressed with the lymphoma but this didn’t scare the doctor away. The empathy, compassion, and love we felt here was amazing. I am so glad I was able to bring Hershey to such a marvelous place.

  • New GOOGLE reviews Wed Nov 10 2021

    Healing Paws Center

    Google+ logo Overall rating: 4.7 of 5 stars [93 reviews]
    (100%) Tue Nov 09 2021 ❖ Marcia Miller

    Thank you so much for taking care of my Bella. From all of the doctors that treated her, to the support staff that always greeted Bella with so much love, the Healing Paws Center is the place to take your fur babies.They cared for my Bella as if she was one of their own. I come from and hour and a half away to get treatments and it is all worth it, as it helped Bella’s quality of life. I have the utmost trust and confidence in the Healing Paws Center to take care of all of my babies in their time of need and thank them so very much. Thank You again for taking care of my sweet little Bella.

    Al Guzzi