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  • New YELP reviews Tue Nov 24 2020

    Healing Paws Center

    Yelp logo Overall rating: 4.5 of 5 stars [27 reviews]
    (100%) Mon Nov 23 2020 ❖ Diego R.

    Fantastic place to bring your dog. Dr. Jesse is amazing, does not make you feel rushed at all. I am excited to see the results from the services she is providing. Her staff is amazing as well and you can tell they really care for the pets. They have seen me on time for both of my appointments and Dr. Jesse will stay on the phone with me as long as I need to get any and all questions answered after the sessions have been completed for that day.

  • New YELP reviews Tue Oct 20 2020

    Healing Paws Center

    Yelp logo Overall rating: 4.5 of 5 stars [26 reviews]
    (100%) Mon Oct 19 2020 ❖ Eduardo C.

    1st visit was today at Healing Paws for our little girl Juno who had TPLO Surgery two weeks ago. Dr. Jessie was very thorough with explaining the rehab plan after her evaluation of Juno. She answered all our questions and we signed up for the 1st session immediately. Juno completed her first visit and we are happy with everyone !! The also offer natural anti inflammatories instead of prescription drugs that have adverse effects on the body.

  • New YELP reviews Mon Sep 28 2020

    Healing Paws Center

    Yelp logo Overall rating: 4.5 of 5 stars [24 reviews]
    (100%) Sun Sep 27 2020 ❖ Carol C.

    Great one on one care from Dr.Jessie! I had a friend recommend to take my young morkie having urine incontinence and Dr.Jessie truly took her time asking questions to really get to the root cause of the problem my little girl was having (and this was the 2nd vet she saw). It was because of these questions that I later realized that working from home had changed my doggie’s bathroom urges. Just giving her more outside bathroom opportunities alone has helped her tremendously. This along with the recommended herbs and acupuncture has my Sandy on a quick road to recovery! Thaank you Dr. Jessie

  • New YELP reviews Sat Sep 12 2020

    Healing Paws Center

    Yelp logo Overall rating: 4 of 5 stars [21 reviews]
    (80%) Sat Sep 12 2020 ❖ Gg D.

    The staff is nice and i love the service they offer. My one complaint is their scheduling. They have a very strict policy about coming late to appointments or canceling without 48 hours notice. But every single time i go there i am left waiting in the parking lot for 15 – 20 minutes. If you are going to be so rigid about holding people accountable for their appointment times then you need to actually keep them. And never has anyone said sorry about the wait. Or called me to tell me they are running late while i sit in the sun in their parking lot.

  • New YELP reviews Mon Aug 03 2020

    Healing Paws Center

    Yelp logo Overall rating: 4.5 of 5 stars [24 reviews]
    (100%) Sun Aug 02 2020 ❖ Gregory H.

    We just started therapy session for our 13yr old pup, “Prada” she has arthritis and we are on a program that involves hydrotherapy, acupuncture along with a couple of other treatments to increase her mobility.

    We were extremely impressed with the gentle care & patience with Prada, along with the knowledge of Dr. G.

    We are confident that with Healing Paws help, we will be able to get Prada in a much better place and increase the quality of her life.
    Thank you Team H.P.
    5 stars to all of you.
    Gregg & Laura