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  • New GOOGLE reviews Sat Jun 18 2022

    Healing Paws Center

    Google+ logo Overall rating: 4.8 of 5 stars [105 reviews]
    (100%) Fri Jun 17 2022 ❖ Melinda Pyle

    I reached out to Healing Paws for help with my frightened, tripawed, rescue dog, River. I got so much more than I ever anticipated! I was so impressed with the staffs knowledge, compassion and patience, not only for her, for me too. They cared for her and loved her, as if she were their personal pet! The consultation and thorough examination made sure our goals were the same and to give her the best quality of life. She received acupuncture, laser and rehab. I was truly amazed how much the staff had changed my dog in just 6 weeks! I was so excited to experience their pawsitivity and enthusiasm of helping me with the continuity of care, well after the treatments! I am always able to reach them at anytime I have a question and was always pleased with their response and the timing of the response. I highly recommend Healing Paws Center! The staff is phenomenal and I can’t thank them enough for giving my girl a chance at a great life, that I always felt she deserved!

  • New GOOGLE reviews Fri Jun 17 2022

    Healing Paws Center

    Google+ logo Overall rating: 4.8 of 5 stars [104 reviews]
    (100%) Thu Jun 16 2022 ❖ Nancy Baugh

    I am so thankful to Healing Paws for restoring the mobility of our 9 and 14 year old doodles. Their treatment plans for pain and arthritis are absolutely working for both of them. They consist of intensive treatment for about 4-6 weeks, then a much lower level of treatment to maintain them. The plans include natural supplements for pain and arthritis, plus various treatments including acupuncture, hydrotherapy and laser therapy. We were at a loss and very fearful about what the future may or may not hold. Now we are very thankful that an excellent quality of life has been restored to both in just 5 short weeks!!!!

  • New GOOGLE reviews Thu Jun 02 2022

    Healing Paws Center

    Google+ logo Overall rating: 4.7 of 5 stars [103 reviews]
    (100%) Wed Jun 01 2022 ❖ Kristine Brenner

    I have been bringing my dog here since 2019. Since 2020 I have been bringing her weekly for acupuncture and rehab/laser. It started out as a treatment for her hip dysplasia. But as my dog got older she also developed dementia. Dr. Jessie and her entire team are the reason my dog is alive and happy. They take such great care of her and are so kind to her. She is very stubborn and particular and the entire team handles her perfectly. When she developed dementia and traditional medication‘s didn’t interact well with her, Dr. Jessie did her research and found an amazing combination of herbs and medicines to counteract what was happening. As of now everything is working beautifully. The acupuncture calms her down and stimulates her appetite. The rehab keeps her mind active and her muscles from deteriorating. The herbs we have been giving her for the dementia have almost completely stopped her repetitive behaviors, calmed her anxiety, and given her a very high quality of life. I am truly so satisfied with the consistent high level of care my dog is given. They are worth every penny and I believe added several happy and active years to my dogs life. Thank you Healing Paws! You guys are all amazing

  • New GOOGLE reviews Wed Apr 20 2022

    Healing Paws Center

    Google+ logo Overall rating: 4.7 of 5 stars [102 reviews]
    (100%) Tue Apr 19 2022 ❖ Sue Susman

    Healing Paws is amazing. A year a year ago my pup was hardly walking. Their care, love and attention towards him has worked miracles. They are true professionals who listen and are tuned in to whatever issues you may be having with your pet. I highly recommend them to anybody who’s looking for alternative methods of healing and giving their fur baby a good quality of life.

  • New GOOGLE reviews Sat Apr 16 2022

    Healing Paws Center

    Google+ logo Overall rating: 4.7 of 5 stars [101 reviews]
    (100%) Fri Apr 15 2022 ❖ Taylor Hammock

    I am really appreciative to have found this office. The quality of care is excellent. I feel like everyone here has a genuine concern for my animal and has gone out of their ways to accommodate a scared, drama-queen dog and over-anxious parent (me). Dr. Jesse in particular is wonderful giving off a relaxing aura with her down to earth personality and kind voice. I leave each appointment hopeful for the future and blessed for what I have; even if my dog doesn’t fully recover, I know in my heart I have done everything I can do, with their help. Living without regret is priceless.